44In partnership with SoilVision, the Canadian developers of award-winning geotechnical and hydrogeological software, 3rd Rock Consulting provides cutting-edge software products to geotechnical engineers, geoenvironmental engineers and hydrogeologists worldwide.

We provide support and consulting in the use of the SoilVision software to the Australia and South-East Asia.

The SVOffice™ software was developed out of a need to better understand, manage and estimate appropriate saturated soil properties and unsaturated soil property functions. A high-quality database of previously measured soil properties, along with knowledge from experienced engineers forms the basis of the SVOffice™ knowledge-based system. SoilVision Systems Ltd. is on the cutting edge of applying database technology to the management of soil properties and the analysis of soil processes.

Most software modules are designed to perform analyses for one-, two- and three-dimensional environments. All SoilVision software is designed to be comprehensive and extremely robust in their application. Various application modules can be combined in either a coupled or uncoupled manner. The SoilVision finite element modelling software offers leading-edge features such as automatic mesh generation and automatic mesh refinement which greatly reduce convergence problems as well as model creation time.

The primary application areas for the software are:

  1. Water flow through porous media;
  2. Shear strength limit equilibrium analysis with applications in slope stability, bearing capacity and lateral earth pressure;
  3. Stress deformation;
  4. Heat flow through unfrozen and frozen soils;
  5. Air flow through unsaturated soils; and
  6. Contaminant transport of chemicals through diffusion and dispersion.